Super Bowl LIII 

Environmental Graphic Design

& Produciton

The Super Bowl is the biggest media week of the sports year. As an Official Automotive Partner of the NFL, Hyundai wanted to use their on-site rights to create fun, engaging and informative event experiences for NFL fans.

The ‘Fam Jam’ activation space, a massive 60’ x 75’ footprint that invited fans to take part in several exciting activities while learning about Hyundai’s family of SUVs. Within the space I designed three unique activation.

We filled a Hyundai Veloster with a bunch of Wilson footballs. Fans can win a $100 NFL gift card by guessing the correct number of footballs. After the event, the footballs are donated to schools in the local area.

The football toss allows fans can compete head to head and the winner is awarded a $5 NFL giftcard that can be redeemed for mercy and other NFL goodies.

On brand graphics are flanked throughout the football toss. Side walls are branded with logos of all the NFL teams. There are 4 game lanes with 3 ring toss in each.  

The photo op tunnel was a popular attraction.

Complete with fogand stage lights, guests would walk through the tunnel and the entire experience is filmed by an videographer and guests leave with a video that they can share with friends and family.

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