• Special Olympics World Games

    Environmental Graphic Development

    & Production

    Designed a series of iconic structures along with graphics for posters, billboards, banners wayfinding signing and much more. The goal was to amplify the event to a global level by creating a lasting impression using consistent iconic design and translate the brand graphic into a physical experience.

The Special Olympics is the largest sports organization for children and adults with intellectual disabilities in the world.

Los Angeles is the perfect platform. It is the true definition of "The Melting Pot", a place where diversity is celebrated, embraced and where "dreams come true".​

Wayfinding signs helps guide guests to their respective destination.

Archway is inspired by the celebratory pose of The Special Olympics Logo with its uplifting gesture. This is placed at various entry points and also serves as a photo op.

Several design concepts were fabricated and produced for 

the event. The following are a series of photos showcasing

environmental graphics applications and structural designs.

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