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SuperBowl Live 2019 Atlanta
Environmental Graphic Development and Production


The entrance to the Hyundai Fam Jam space at Super Bowl LIVE is an archway comprised of a custom designed logo in the center. This can be seen from a distance and draws people to the event space.

Event Space Render


Three of the latest Hyundai Models were featured on display upon entering the Hyundai Fam Jam event space. Beside each car are wheelstand graphics that give further details about each car model. Product specialists are on site to assist people.

Car Line-Up Render


We filled a Hyundai Veloster with a bunch of Wilson footballs. Fans can win a $100 NFL gift card by guessing the correct number of footballs. After the event, the footballs are donated to schools in the local area.

Football Guessing Game Render


Towards the back of the event space is the Hyundai

Football Toss. Fans can compete head to head and the 

winner is awarded a $5 NFL giftcard that can be redeemed

for mercy and other NFL goodies.

Football Toss Render

On brand graphics are flanked throughout the football toss space. The interior back wall is covered in a huge graphic image of a football stadium. The interior side walls are branded with logos of all the NFL teams. There are 4 game lanes with 3 ring toss in each. 

The football toss backside is a large scale graphic featuring a four fleet vehicle lineup. All cars are represented in silver to give it uniformity/pack like feel. 


A popular attraction within the space was the photo op tunnel.

The photo op is complete with fog and stage lights. 

Guests would walk through the tunnel and the entire experience is filmed by an videographer and guests leave

with a video that they can share with friends and family.

Photo- Op Tunnel Render


The Shopper Assurance Midway combines fun arcade games as an interactive way for guests to learn about Hyundai and Hyundai's Shopper Assurance program.

Shopper Assurance Midway Render